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Our Product | Pumice

HADO LTD is a Kenyan mining company focused on Pumice excavation, processing and distribution.

Pumice Excavation, processing And Distribution Kenya - Naivasha

Our Product | Pumice


After excavation and processing, our resultant product comes sifted in three different particle sizes of rocks.
We grade them into three categories;

  • Small Pumice rocks- 1/8" Aggregate/3mm.
  • Medium Pumice rocks- 1/2" Aggregate/7mm.
  • Large Pumice rocks- 3/4" Aggregate/14mm.

In addition to the rock aggregates, we also offer;
- Pumice powder grinded on site from the rocks.
- Pumice blocks made on site on request.

We combine pumice with trace amounts of cement to create very light weight durable building blocks.

This rock possesses the following characteristics.
  • Is non-reactive as it does not contain carbon.
  • It has sharp silica particles and a high Silicon(IV)oxide content.
  • Is not flammable, with a melting point of approx. 15000°C.
  • Is siliceous and very inert in nature.
  • Insoluble in water.
  • Does not melt in acids except from HCL.
  • Does not melt in alkaline.
  • It has a good absorbing capacity.
  • It retains its friable structure and abrasive edges.