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Our Product | Pumice

HADO LTD is a Kenyan mining company focused on Pumice excavation, processing and distribution.

Pumice Excavation, processing And Distribution Kenya - Naivasha Our Product | Pumice


After excavation and processing, our resultant product comes sifted in three different particle sizes of rocks.
We grade them into three categories;

  • Small Pumice rocks- 1/8" Aggregate
  • Medium Pumice rocks- 1/2" Aggregate
  • Large Pumice rocks- 3/4" Aggregate

Our product comes pre-packed in 1m³ bags. The bags are packed separately in small, medium and large rock particle sizes.
For our clients who prefer purchasing volcanic pumice in powder form, HADO LTD provides that. Pumice powder obtained from crushing our pumice rocks also comes prepacked in 1m3 quantity bags.
This rock possesses the following characteristics.
  • Is non-reactive as it does not contain carbon.
  • It has sharp silica particles and a high Silicon(IV)oxide content.
  • Is not flammable, with a melting point of approx. 15000°C.
  • Is siliceous and very inert in nature.
  • Insoluble in water.
  • Does not melt in acids except from HCL.
  • Does not melt in alkaline.
  • It has a good absorbing capacity.
  • It retains its friable structure and abrasive edges.