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Location: Naivasha - Kenya , along Naivasha - Mai Mahiu Road, near longonot town

Our Pumice Mining Process


At our reserves in Naivasha Kenya, We surface mine a pumice deposit, meaning, the overburden of soil covering the pumice is pushed aside and stock piled for later reclamation. We then typically dry the pumice to the necessary moisture content ideal for refining before it is scraped up using bulldozers and pushed to the crusher.

From there, it is crushed before it begins its journey down our sifters and graders that sort the crushed rocks into the three different particle sizes mentioned above in our product section. We do not process the rocks any further. In this still pure form, it is ready for distribution. Typically however, even when finely processed, pumice still retains its friable structure and abrasive edges.

We then pack the rocks in their respective sizes into 1m³ capacity bags, ready for collection.

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