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Location: Naivasha - Kenya , along Naivasha - Mai Mahiu Road, near longonot town

HADO LTD | About Us

Our Mining Process

At our reserves in Naivasha Kenya, We surface mine a pumice deposit, meaning, the overburden of soil covering the pumice is pushed aside and stock piled for later reclamation.

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Pumice Origin

The word pumice is derived from the Latin word ‘pumex’ meaning ‘foam’. It is a textural rock formed from volcanic eruptions. Pumice is a volcanic rock that consists of highly vesicular rough textural rock glass.

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Pumice Properties

Composed of highly micro vesicular glass pyroclastic with very thin, translucent bubble walls of extrusive igneous rock. Commonly, but not exclusively of silicic to intermediate composition but basaltic and other compositions are known.

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Welcome to HADO LTD

HADO LTD is a Kenyan mining company focused on Pumice excavation, processing and distribution.

Who We Are

We operate a large-scale volcanic pumice project with substantial mineral reserves in Naivasha, Kenya. There is a growing demand for pumice all over the world due to its versatile industrial applications.

Our short term goal is to provide a local sustainable supply of pumice to, but not limited to, the Glass, Paint and Horticultural Industry in Kenya and East Africa at affordable rates.

Our Long term goals are to;

  • Be a company with a pumice deposit in demand world wide.

  • Develop the expertise and ability to package pumice according to any customers specifications.

  • Eventually ship pumice effectively where it is needed, anywhere in the world.

HADO LTD | About Us

HADO LTD | About Us

HADO LTD | About Us